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Hello Everyone,

My name is Marleschka and first off let me tell you how I met my partner of this site. It was in a Group and gee Charlie I have forgotten the name of it, anyway it was a PSP group and I do know we had great fun, but unfortunately the group closed but luckily Charlie and I kept in touch. We decided to start a web site together. First off it was with Geocities and then as now we have our own domain. I am so lucky to be associated with this soooo very talented lady. Most of the tubes you see on this site are drawn by her :-)
Personal side: I was born in Poland, did some of my growing up in England and NewZealand. I now live in Australia with my friend. I make all my graphics for my stationery and the tutorials you see on this site with Paintshop Pro.....I do hope everyone of you enjoy my stationery and the tutorials, it is my pleasure to present them here for you. :-) I will now let Charlie have her say...

Hello Everyone,

Let's start with how I met Marleschka, One of my best internet friends had a group and Marleschka & I met there. That was ... what Marleschka, about 9 or 10 years ago? Seems like eons! LOL! Anyway, the group closed and Marleschka and I floundered around a bit (at least I did) and then Marleschka took her knowledge & talents and started the site and brought me along for the ride! ... and, with each passing day, I find that we have more and more in common & I also find that I like her more each day! It is a joy to be associated with her!
Me? Personally? I've been playing with PSP through the last 6 versions and love it as much as I did in the beginning. In the real world, I oil paint and do watercolors and am still trying to apply what little knowledge I do have of painting to computer painting....much to my frustration, there's too much yet to learn and not enough time. I'm a "Midwesterner", living on a farm in northeastern Indiana, USA, with my husband and pets....I work full time (outside of home), play around with my computer, garden, crochet, paint & have all the other things to do that you all do too! ... and .... I am an "old broad" who wears purple dresses & red hats! That's it for Charlie!
P.S. I am also Polish, one hundred percent. Every single ancestor came from Poland .... and, that's another thing I think Marleschka and I have in common .... GOOD FOOD!!! :>)

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