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Our stationery is for Outlook Express with Windows XP, WindowsMail with Vista and also Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 with WindowsMail or DreamMail. Most will also work in Windows Live Mail although you may not hear the music, We are working on those files.
If you have Windows 7 or Windows 8 which you would now know doesn't come with an email client and havn't yet installed WindowsMail then go here If you have Windows 10 then go here Scroll down the page untill you come to updated 2016. An alternative is Outlook Express 6, it has been revised to work with Windows 7, 8 & 10. Go here This is a paid for program (A donation) but is not expensive and it works very well. Another alternative is DreamMail which you can find Here This is a stand alone program which is very much like Outlook Express and works very well in all versions of Windows.
The stationeries will preview providing you are using Internet Explorer.If you are using a different browser and it asks to download then just hit the open button and it will open in your email client.
Also make sure your Legacy Filters are turned on in IE. To do this go to in IE, Tools, Internet options, Security, Custom Level and scroll down to Render legacy filters and click enable.
They will all work in any email client that accepts html scripting..

The stationeries are in EML format and are zipped, to be saved to a folder of your choice. To use your eml file just go into the folder you have saved it to and double click on it which will bring it up in OE, WM, WLM or DM, whichever is your default email program, then use as usual.

When you open your stationery go to View and tick source, edit. (In WLM you cannot do this, we suggest if you are using WLM then send the stationery to yourself to make sure it is working properly.) By doing this you will now be able to preview your stationery and make sure it is working to the way it is intended to.

If you have Windows 7 with IE11 or Windows 8 or 8.1 and have WindowsMail installed you will notice that when you go to edit an email the text may disappear. If this should happen then just go to at the top of the email, View and hit one of the buttons there and your text will reappear and then continue to write your email message.

If you should ever receive an eml file with the same name as one you have received before, please just change the name of the eml. Our stationery has become very large and remembering file names has become almost impossible.

Here are the settings you should have for Outlook Express & WindowsMail.
To set these go to in Outlook Express & WindowsMail, Tools, Options.

WARNING If you are inexperienced, many stationeries will not look the same in EDIT as they do in preview. If you are in doubt, send the stationery to yourself first before using. Also a little hint for those who don't know, there is NO NEED to have your virus program running for outgoing mail. This will mess up some scripts. We hope this has been of some help to those of you who are not experienced in using stationery.

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