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{ Lacey Table Tutorial By Charlie }

Written in Paint Shop Pro 9 but can be done in any version.
The attached zip file contains the image, 2 backgrounds and a mask. To Download the mask, backgrounds and image, click Here
Also included in this zip file is a html file for you to use offline. The mask you will be using is c_lacey2edges_frame This is a mask that I created from royalty free clip art and you may use this mask as you choose.
Place it in your masks folder in PSP. You can use the included backgrounds or create your own and you can use the psp image or choose your own.
Take this arrow with you to keep your place in this tutorial.

( 1 ) If you are not using the included backgrounds then the first thing you want to do is to create 2 backgrounds ... a lighter one and a darker one. Go to FILE NEW and create 2 images, 115 x 115 and create your 2 backgrounds, or for this tut, use the backgrounds supplied.
( 2 ) Go to FILE NEW and create an image that is 750 X 750 pixels in size. In your materials palette, choose PATTERNS and then flood fill this image with the LIGHTER of your 2 patterns
( 3 ) Then go to LAYERS LOAD/SAVE MASK LOAD FROM DISC and browse to the mask supplied. Then, make sure you go to LAYERS MERGE MERGE GROUP and set this aside for later ...
( 4 ) Go to FILE NEW and create a new image 550 X 550 pixels. Flood fill this 550 X 550 square with a light color from your graphic. Apply the same mask and make sure that you merge the group. Then, go to EDIT COPY
( 5 ) Open the 750 X 750 image and go to EDIT PASTE AS A NEW LAYER.
( 6 ) Go to EFFECTS 3-D and apply a drop shadow. If you are using these graphics, use the color #94141c and settings of VERTICAL 2 HORIZONTAL 2 OPACITY 90 BLUR 8 and Shadow On New Layer SHOULD be checked.
( 7 ) Open your layer palette and make sure that your drop shadow layer is active then go to your SELECTION TOOL and place your mouse on the inside of the rectangle and make the selection as shown below.
( 8 )

( 9 ) Then hit DELETE. You are deleting the inside of that shadow so that when you lower the opacity it will not be "muddy" .. that way, the drop shadow is only around the edge

( 10 ) Go you your LAYER PALETTE and make the bottom layer ... GROUP - 1 Raster active.
( 11 ) Go to LAYERS NEW RASTER LAYER and title it IMAGE Click on your bird image (or the image you are using) and go to EDIT COPY.
( 12 ) Go back to your new Bird Layer and go to EDIT PASTE AS A NEW SELECTION and move it to the top, center. Right now, you will only see the little birds and now flowers... don't worry about it! We'll fix that! :>) Go to SELECTIONS, SELECT NONE.
( 13 ) Now go to your layers palette and choose the layer that is the TOP LAYER (Raster 1) and lower the opacity to 65 to 68.
( 14 ) Now, go back to your copy of the little birds and with your freehand selection tool, cut out the larger flower on the left and then to go EDIT, COPY.
( 15 ) Go back to the image you are working on and open your layer palette and make sure you are on the top layer, Raster 1 and go to EDIT, PASTE AS A NEW LAYER. Then, with your mover tool move the little flower so that it is EXACTLY over the flower below it ...Then, go to LAYERS, MERGE VISIBLE.
( 16 ) Then go to FILE EXPORT and choose GIF OPTIMIZER and use the following settings: On the TRANSPARENCY TAB .. place a dot in EXISTING IMAGE OR LAYER TRANSPARENCY On the PARTIAL TRANSPARENCY TAB ... place a dot in USE FULL TRANSPARENCY FOR PIXELS BELOW .. and type in 34% There should also be a dot in the YES, BLEND WITH BACKGROUND COLOR and if you are using these images, then the color should be #da9caf On the COLORS TAB ... Colors should be 256 and 0 dithering with a dot in Optimized Octee The FORMAT TAB should be non-interlaced, version 89a and leave the next tab, DOWNLOAD TIME alone. Click OK and save it to your Stationery Folder with the name that you give it ...
( 17 ) Now .. choose your DARKER background image, and save it as a jpg to your stationery folder.
( 18 ) Now, you need to take that little flower that you cut out, you can reduce it in size if you want and export it as a transparent gif, using the same settings .. this will be the little floater for the stationery. Save it to your stationery folder.
( 19 ) You have 3 necessary images for this stationery, the main image which is a gif, the background which is a jpg and the little flower which is a gif. You will need to select a midi, make the appropriate changes to the script and you have your stationery!
Hope you had fun! Hugs Charlie.
If you would like to see this Image utilized in a stationery then go Here

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