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{ A Fun Checkered Background by Charlie. }

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First, this tutorial assumes that you have a working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro and a large selection of plug-ins. Supplies Here include only the mask, which should be placed in your masks folder and the stationery as an eml for you to see what it looks like finished and in a stationery. You will need to select a tube and matching gradient. You need Filters Unlimited 2.0, Simple Filters, FM Tile Tools & VM Distortion. The tutorial does not provide the filters nor does it provide a link to them. Then, open the pspimage of your choice in PSP and follow the following instructions .
Take this arrow with you to keep your place in this tutorial.

( 1 ) In PSP, open a new image 200 X 200 and flood fill it with the any color you choose ... in this sample, I filled the image with #f4aac5 ...
( 2 ) Go to Image, effects, Plug-Ins,VM EXTRAVAGANZA - Shoutin. Use the default settings. If you are unsure if the settings are at default, simply hit reset then Apply.
( 3 ) Go to Image Effects, Plug-ins, Simple/Blintz.
( 4 ) Go to Image Effects, Plug-ins, Simple/Quick Tile.
( 5 ) Go to Layers Duplicate.
( 6 ) Go to Image Rotate, Free Rotate and rotate Left - 90 Degrees, NO check in either of the boxes at the bottom.
( 7 ) Open your Layers Pallette in with the slider, lower the opacity of the layer titled Copy Of Raster One to the number 50.
( 8 ) Go to Layers Merge, Merge All/Flatten.
( 9 ) You now have a 200 X 200 tiled background that will look like this when you flood fill a 400 X 400 pixel square. It is a tiled background.

( 10 ) For a "little twist" follow the beginning instructions. After you apply the Plug-In VM Extravaganza/Shoutin, take your magic wand and click on the WHITE areas of the image so that it looks like this:

( 11 ) Then, choose either a darker color pink or a totally different color, and using your flood fill tool, flood fill in the white with that color, then go to Selections Select None and proceed with the rest of the tutorial
Below is a sample of a 400 X 400 square flood filled with the background.

And below here ... I took a 200 X 200 image, and air brushed in several colors .. then I applied a Gaussian blur .. then, followed the tut! :>)

A 400 X 400 square flood filled after the tut is followed.

Have Fun! Hugs Charlie

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