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{ Blend 10 Tutorial By Marleschka }

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This tutorial was made in PSP 8.1 but I am sure could be done in any version.
You will need the filters Richard Rosenman 3D Sphere Generator which you can get Here and Filters Unlimited 2Filters Unlimited 2 which you can get Here The mask 20/20 which is supplied in the zip file. You can get my zipped file Here. Of course if you wish to use your own tubes please do. For this Image I used 4 tubes a scene pic and a text brush or write your own text. Place the mask in your masks folder. First of all bring up in PSP the yesterday-today-tomorrow brush and go to file export, custom brush, name it 'yesterday-today-tomorrow' and hit OK. Then bring up in PSP all the tubes I supplied in the zip file or your own.
Take this arrow with you to keep your place in this tutorial.

( 1 ) Open a new 600x450 transparent Image. Have your Foreground color on a dark color from your Scene Pic, I used #054D99, and your Background on a Light color from your Scene Pic I used #A7C1E2. In your foreground make a linear Foreground, background gradient, angle 0 repeats 0. Flood fill your Image with this gradient.
( 2 ) New layer, selections select all and copy the blend-tut10-pic and paste into the selection. Place the opacity of this layer on 30.
( 3 ) Now go to Effects, Richard Rosenman 3D Sphere Generator and use these settings, radius 42, light X 6, Light Y -9, the rest as they are.
( 4 ) New Layer and take your selection tool set on ellipse, add(shift), feather 0 and antialias unchecked. Set your mouse at 300x 225 and draw out an ellipse onto the sphere you just made. Make sure you leave the edges showing.
( 5 )Back to your picture, convert it to a raster layer and apply the 20/20 mask. Layers merge group Copy. Back to your Image and paste into the selection. Selections, select none.
( 6) Copy and paste the tube of the couple as a new layer on your image. Leave it there. Place the opacity of this layer to 54.
( 7 ) Copy and paste the tube Ladiesprofile as a new layer on your image, resize by 65%, all layers unchecked and place to the right bottom(See my image) Place the opacity of this layer to 80.
( 8 ) Go to the tube of the ship and resize by 45% and again by 55% Sharpen & Copy.
( 9 )Back to your Image and paste as a new layer. Place it inside the sphere (See my Image) and place the opacity of this layer on 54.
( 10 ) Go to the tube of the man and resize by 80% Copy and paste as a new layer onto your Image. Place it to the left bottom and the blend of this layer on Luminance(L).
( 11 ) New Layer. Take your brush tool and find the brush you saved at the beginning of this tutorial. Size 295. Stamp this brush on your new Image with your light color.
( 12 ) New Layer and with the same brush stamp it again with your dark color. Now take your deform tool and move this over your first brush so you can see the light brush slightly( See My Image)
( 13 ) X out all your layers except these 2 brush layers and merge visible.Effects 3D Effects, Dropshadow with these settings, vertical and horizontal on 2, Opacity 100, Blur 15 and color your light color.
( 14 ) Make sure everything is where you want it and then merge all.
( 15 )Selections, select all, selections float and apply this cutout, V -6 H -6, Opacity 50, Blur 34.65, Shadow Color your dark color.
( 16 )Image add borders 3, color, your light color. Image add borders 5, your dark color. Image add borders 3, your light color. Select these borders with your magic wand with the mode set to add (shift) Effects I.CSoftware, Filter Unlimited 2, Button & Frames, 3D Glass Frame 1, Frame size 15 and Contrast 95. or if you don't have this plugin a nice Inner bevel. Selections select none. Resize to your original size. You might like to put your name on it with a nice font and dropshadow. Save as a JPG and you are finished.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial :-)

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