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{ Blend 2 Tutorial By Marleschka }

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This tutorial was made in PSP8 but I am sure can be done in any version. If you wish to use the tubes I used here then you can get them Here
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( 1 ) First of all open the Ivy-glassbrushtemplate, and then go to file, export, custom brush, give it a name and hit OK...
( 2 ) Open a transparent Image the size your stat requires. I am using 604 x 450. Have your foreground color on #739abb and your background on #184d80, foreground on gradient foreground-background, linear, Angle 45, repeats 1 and invert checked. Of course if you are using your own images then make a gradient from them. New layer and fill with your foreground color.
( 3 ) New layer, have your foreground on the gradient and go to your paint brush or airbrush and find the Ivy-glassbrushtemplate you made at the beginning of this tutorial, size 500 and stamp this in the center of your Image. Use you deform tool to drag out the edges so it completely covers your image. Lower the opacity of this layer to 54.
( 4 ) Effects Illumination Effects, sunburst using the upper left setting only change the density & brightness to 100. Repeat this one more time.
( 5 ) Copy and paste the pic of the bridge and lower the opacity of this layer to 46.
( 6 ) Copy and paste the tube of the man and put him to the right side, see my image, and set this layer on luminance.
( 7 ) Now go to the tube of the lady and go to effects, hue and saturation, colorize and set it at hue 147 and saturation at 164, copy and paste her to your image as a new layer, set her to the left side, see my image. Layers merge visible.
( 8 ) Text: Find a nice font, I am using Brock Script at size 48 and make as vector. Foreground to null and write your text. Convert to raster layer and selections select all, selections float, Effects, 3d effects , inner bevel and use the cushion preset at default. Selections select none. Merge all visible.
( 9 ) Effects FM Tile tool, Blend emboss at default. Now go to the key and reduce the size by 85%, then copy and paste to your Image, place it on the bridge. Layers merge visible.
( 10 ) Selections select all, selections float, effects, 3d effects, cutout with these settings, 3-3-70-26.73 color black, repeat at -3-3. Layers merge all flatten.
( 11 ) Have your pattern on the silver pattern. Image add borders 2 white. Select this and fill with the silver pattern. Image add borders 10 with your background color. Image add borders 2 white, select and fill this with your silver pattern. Now select the border of your background color, selections float and use the inner beval same as before. And that's it.
( 12 ) For the background I used a 300x300 Image, filled it with the foreground color, selection select all, new layer and copy and paste into selection the picture of the bridge. Lowered the opacity to 50, merged visible and then used simple quick tile.
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

Another Example of this tutorial reduced in size.

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