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{ Blend 23 Tutorial By Marleschka }

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This tutorial was made in PSP 8.1 but I am sure could be done in any version.
You will need 3 tubes, (please note: all tubes layers are closed on these tubes)and a brush all of which are supplied in the zip file. You can get my zipped file Here
If you wish to animate it you will need Animation Shop and a Bling tube which is included in the zip file. Bring up the brush in PSP and go to File, export custom brush, give it a name and hit OK. Bring up the tubes in PSP. The Tubes are from Suzi Sgai who is no longer online.

Take this arrow with you to keep your place in this tutorial.

( 1 ) Open a new 600x450 transparent Image. Have your foreground color on #C6E7E7 and your background on #494F44. In your foreground make a foreground, background gradient with these settings, Style Linear, Angle 45 and repeats 0. (please note the lighter color should be at your top right corner of the gradient) If not then just click invert.
( 2 ) New Layer. Flood fill this layer with your gradient.
( 3 ) Go to the tube SS_56 and resize this tube to 500 in height, paste as a new layer onto your image. Move it to the very right and up a little. Place the blend mode on Luminance.
( 4 ) New Layer. Layers move, move down. Take your freehand selection tool set to these settings. Point to Point, Feather 15 and make a selection around the trees, down to the waters edge. Flood fill the layer with #697261. Take your eraser with these settings, size 90, hardness 0, opacity 50 and tap away the hard lines on this layer.
( 5 ) New Layer. Once again take your freehand selection tool same settings and make a selection from the bottom of the trees and around the water. Flood fill this selection with #96b7fd and lower the opacity to 70. Use your eraser again, same settings to erase away any hard lines.
( 6 ) If your trees tube layer is not to the bottom them use the Deform tool to pull it down. When you have done this and find you have erased some that you shouldn't have then just right click on it on the layer with the color you want to bring back with your eraser tool to bring back the color.
( 7 ) Back to the top layer. Go to the tube SS_115_AC and resize this tube to 200 in height. Copy and paste as a new layer onto your image. Place it down the bottom right corner in the water. Use your Deform tool to bring it down beyond the water line so you can see his head. Place the blend mode on Screen and lower the opacity to 50
( 8 ) Go to the tube SS_35 and resize this tube to 450 in height. Copy and paste as a new layer onto your Image. Move it to the left. (see my image) Take your eraser, same settings as before and erase any hard lines you see over the trees.
( 9 ) New Layer. Take your brush tool and find the brush you saved at the beginning of this tutorial. With your foreground on #C6E7E7 click 3 times (see my image for placement) Give it a drop shadow of v/h 1, opacity 100, blur 1 and color black. Place the blend mode on Luminance.
( 10 ) Layer merge, merge all.
( 11 ) Image, add borders 2 with the color #697261. Layers, promote background layer.
( 12 ) Image, Canvas size and fill in 654 for the width and 504 for the height.
( 13 ) Effects 3D effects drop shadow with these settings V&H 0, Opacity 100, Blur 25 and color black.
( 14 ) New Layer. Layers arrange move down. We are now going to use the tube SS_35 as a pattern. Make sure the copyright layer is x'd out on this tube in your layer pallet and the size is still at 450 in height. Go to your foreground pattern and find the tube SS_35, angle 0, scale 100 and flood fill this layer.
( 15 ) Move it to the left until you see the pattern at the top co-inside with the same pattern in your image. Use your deform tool to drag it down at the bottom till you can't see the ladies head.
( 16 ) Duplicate this layer and image mirror. Now take your eraser tool, same settings and erase to the left top and bottom until you see the pattern from the layer below.
( 17 ) In you layer pallett, X out your main image layer and merge visible.
( 18 ) Take your selection tool, rectangle, feather 0 and make a selection around and just inside your main image. Make sure you are on the bottom layer and hit your delete key.
( 19 ) Layers, merge, merge all.
( 20 ) Selections, select all, selections float. Effects 3D effects, cutout with these settings, V&H 0 Opacity 100, Blur 15, color balck. New layer and repeat this cutout with V7H at -5, -5. Layers merge, merge all.
( 21 ) Image add borders 2, same color as before.
( 22 ) You will see an arrow on the tree to the left on the image. If you don't want it there then just clone it out.
( 23 ) Resize to your original size and sharpen and if you are not going to animate then you are finished.
( 24 ) If you are going to animate then Copy this Image and open animation shop.
( 25 ) In animation shop right click and paste as a new animation.
( 26 ) Open the file 'robertablingblingtrailhearts9' and go to Animation Resize Animation and resize to 300 in height, aspect ratio checked. You will see it has 21 layers so now we have to make our main Image have the same.
( 27 ) Make sure your main Image is higlighted and go to edit copy, edit paste after current frame and keep doing this until you have 21 frames in all.
( 28 ) Back to your bling and edit select all, edit copy.
( 29 ) Back to your main image, edit select all. Make sure frame 1 is in front of you and edit, paste into selected frame and place it just above the words. (See my Image) Preview it and if you don't like it then undo and do it again until you do.
( 30 ) Use the optimization wizard and on the second frame I slid the slider down 1. Save and you are finished.
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

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