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{ Blend 3 Tutorial By Marleschka }

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This tutorial was made in PSP 8.1 but I am sure could be done in any version. You will also need a tube of your choice. There is another example at the bottom of this tutorial.

Take this arrow with you to keep your place in this tutorial.

( 1 ) First of all bring up the swan lake pic and go to file export, custom brush, name it swan-lake and hit OK.
( 2 ) Bring up a transparent image the size you require for your stat, as usual I am using 604 x 450. Flood fill this with #7C7A9A.
( 3 ) New Layer, go to your brush and find the swan-lake brush we just made. Size 500, Foreground color on white and stamp this at the bottom of your image. Take your deform tool and pull the pic out to the width of your image.Go to your eraser at size 90, hardness 0 and opacity on 50 and tap away the hard line at the top of this image. Layers merge all.
( 4 ) Now go to your eraser(yes I said eraser lol) at size 90 hardness 0 and opacity on 1,and with your background color on #0000FF, left click and tap a little color around your swans and to the left and right, not too much, just enough to give it a little more color.
( 5 ) Get the arkansas-sunset pic and copy and paste as a new layer.(If you are using your own images take a nice pic of a sky) Take your deform tool and pull it out on the right side until you only see the branches of the tree, see my example. Pull it out a little on the left side also and pull up a little at the bottom to just above the swan pic. Now take your eraser size 90, hardness 0 and opacity set to 50 and tap away the remainder of the bush on the left side, then take your smudge tool at size 36, hardness 50 and opacity at 50 and smudge the sky a little where you just removed that bush.Lower the opacity of this layer to around 80.
( 6 ) Get the valley tube and copy and paste as a new layer on your image. Now see where the water is in this pic, lower the opacity of this layer to 40 and drag it down till you see the swans in the water. Leave the opacity at 40. Back to the valley tube, Image mirror and copy and paste as a new layer on your Image. Move it to the left and out a little, just to the side of the bridge, see my example. Duplicate this layer and mirror. Now fiddle with these two layers untill they sit looking good. Lower the opacity of these 2 layers till it looks right. Mine are at 92 & 90.
( 7 ) Now go to the arkansas-sunset layer, make sure you are on it and take your eraser, same setting as above and tap away the hard line at the bottom and anywhere else you would like to see a little blue through.
( 8 ) Now add your main tube and place where you want it. Take a good look at your image and fiddle with anything that needs it. Merge all.
( 9 ) Selection, select all and go to Image effects, 3d effects cutout with these settings, 10-10-39-15 color black, repeat at -10 -10. Image add borders 5, select and fill with your choice of silver or gold pattern. Image add borders 10, select and fill with a gradient you make from your image. Effects 3d effects Inner bevel and use the pillow preset at default. Image add borders 5, select and fill with your pattern. Resize to your original size and sharpen, save as a jpg and you are all done.
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

Another example of this tutorial using different images, reduced in size.

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