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{ Blend 7 Tutorial By Marleschka }

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This tutorial was made in PSP 8.1 but I am sure could be done in any version. For this tutorial you will need this zipped file which you can get Here. Of course if you wish to use your own tubes, I used 3 tubes, and a graphic. Place the texture blend8-tut in your texture folder and the mask in your masks folder. Open the tubes and the jpg file in PSP.

Take this arrow with you to keep your place in this tutorial.

( 1 ) Open a new 600x450 transparent Image. Have your Foreground color on #467E71. Flood fill your Image with this color. New layer. Selections, select all, copy the blend-tut8-pic and paste into selection. Reduce the opacity of this layer to 60. Selections select none. Merge layers visible. Ajust, blur, gaussian blur with a radius of 20.
( 2 ) Take the same pic and promote it to a raster layer. Layers load/save mask, load mask from disk and choose the mask 2020 with these settings checked, source luminance, fit to canvas, hide all mask and apply. Layers merge, merge group. Copy and paste as a new layer onto your image. Move to the left, take you deformation tool and pull it up and to the right a little.
( 3 ) Copy and paste the tube blend-tut7-lady1 as a new layer and place her to the right ( see my image ) Put the blend mode of this layer on Luminance Legacy.
( 4 ) Copy and paste the tube blend-tut7-lady2 as a new layer. Place her to the left ( See my image ). Place the blend mode on Luminance Lagacy.
( 5 ) Copy and paste the tube blend-tut7-hand as a new layer. Place it at the top left of your image. Place the blend mode on Luminance Lagacy.
( 6 ) Copy and paste the tube blend-tut7-text as a new layer and place it where you want. Place the blend mode on Luminance Lagacy.
( 7 ) If you see a little too much white in the background at the top then take your smudge brush with these settings, size 36, Hardness 0, step 25 and opacity at 75, make sure you are on the background layer and smudge it till is flows into the green ( see my image ) Layers merge, merge all.
( 8 ) Effects, plugins, xero, porcelain at default settings.
( 9 ) Image add borders 15 with semmetric checked, color white. Select this border with your magic wand and flood fill with your foreground color. Effects Texture Effects, Texture and find the texture blend8-tut that you saved at the beginning of this tutorial. Apply with default settings. Selections invert, effects 3d effects, cutout with these settings. Vertical and horizontal on 6, opacity 50 and blur 50, color black. Repeat cutout with horizontal and vertical on -6. Selections invert. Effects, Image effects, inner bevel with these settings. Bevel no 2, Width 2, smoothness 40, depth 2, ambience 30, shininess 25, angle 315, intensity 50 and elevation 20. Selections select none. Resize your image to 600x450 and you are finished. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.
You can use a different color for your foreground color. Just choose another color from the pic. Another example of this tutorial below. Reduced in size.

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