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{ Corner Image Stationery Tutorial by Charlie }

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Written for Paint Shop Pro 9
A gradient is in the zip file, place it in your gradient folder in PSP. You can get my Zipped file Here
The html for the script that you can utilize to make stationery is also in the zipped file.
Also included in this zip file is a html file for you to use offline.
You can get the fish by using your freehand selection tool to cut him out and make various sizes to paste at the bottom. Open the tube in PSP.....On to the tut.
Take this arrow with you to keep your place in this tutorial.

( 1 ) Open a new image 775 X 375 pixels. With your eyedrop tool, select a light color from your image in your top color box and a dark color from your image in the bottom color box.
( 2 ) Flood fill the 775 X 375 image with the lighter of the 2 colors.
( 3 ) Go to SELECTIONS SELECT ALL, SELECTIONS, MODIFY CONTRACT and contract 10 pixels Then, flood fill the area with the darker of the 2 colors. Then go to SELECTIONS, MODIFY CONTRACT and contract 5 pixels then flood fill the selected area with the lighter of the 2 colors. Go to SELECTIONS, SELECT NONE.
( 5 ) Go to IMAGE ADD BORDER, Color White. Make sure "SYMMETRIC" is NOT selected and add a top border of 230 and a bottom border of 165 and add a left side border of 125 and a right side border of 125 so that your image is now 1025 X 770.
( 8 ) In your layers palette choose the top layer, Copy of Raster 1 Layer. Click on the white area with your magic wand and hit your delete key. Go to SELECTIONS, SELECT NONE.
( 9 ) Now, in your layers palette, choose the bottom layer Raster 1.
( 10 ) Go to your Materials Palette and choose GRADIENT Choose the "Foreground-Background" Gradient that you placed in your gradient folder and flood fill that white area with the gradient. It should be light at the top and dark at the bottom.
( 11 ) Your bottom layer is still active in your layers palette. Go to LAYERS, ADD NEW RASTER LAYER AND CALL IT "IMAGE". Go to your image and select EDIT COPY, then go back to your gradient image and choose EDIT PASTE AS A NEW SELECTION. It will paste UNDER the inside table and on top of the gradient ... with your mover tool, move it to the far left corner. When you get it placed where you want, go to SELECTIONS, SELECT NONE. Only the portion of the image that is not covered with your lighter inside table will be visible.
( 12 ) Now, go to your layers palette, and select the top layer, Copy of Raster and slide the opacity down to 80 Then, go to your LAYERS PALETTE and click on the top layer, Copy of Raster 1 so that it is active. Go back to your duck image and cut out the fish with your FREEHAND SELECTION TOOL go to EDIT COPY and PASTE AS A NEW IMAGE. You now have a copy of JUST the fish that you will later resize and use at the bottom of your stationery.
( 13 ) Choose that fish image and go to EDIT COPY, then go to your gradient image and choose EDIT, PASTE AS A NEW SELECTION and with your mover tool, move it so that it is lined up perfectly with the faded image of the fish below it ... then, if you want, you can add a slight, light drop shadow. Go to SELECTIONS, SELECT NONE.
( 14 ) If you want, you can go back to your IMAGE LAYER in your layers palette and add a drop shadow to the duck too!
( 15 ) In your Layers Palette, choose the very bottom layer and go to LAYERS, ADD NEW RASTER and call it "FISH" then, you can make a few copies of your fish, resize some of them, mirror them and copy and paste them at the very bottom of the stationery and if you want, you can lower the opacity of that layer to around 50.
( 16 ) Then go to LAYERS MERGE ALL FLATTEN. and you have your finished piece .... the example stationery only calls for this one graphic and a midi. And .. if you would like, you can add a message at the top!
If you would like to see this Image utilized in a stationery then go Here
Hope you had fun. Hugs Charlie.

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