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{ Appreciate Tutorial By Marleschka }

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This tutorial was made in PSP X2 but can be done in any version.
For this tutorial all you need is in the zip file which you can get Here Tube is from @nn who is no longer online. Mask is from Zuzzanna
You will also need the filter FM Tile Tools.
Place the frame in your frames folder of PSP & the mask in your masks folder

Take this arrow with you to keep your place in this tutorial.

( 1 ) Open a new 700 x 525 transparent Image. Flood fill with #000000.
( 2 ) New layer. Selections select all. Copy and paste appreciatebg into the selection. Selections select none. Place the opacity of this layer on 30.
( 3 ) New layer, Flood fill with #717047. Layers Load/Save mask from disc and find the mask, zuz_mask1 with these settings ticked, Source Luminance, Fit to Canvas, Invert Transparency and Hide All Mask. Layers Merge, Merge Group.
( 4 ) With your selection tool, set to rectangle, make a selection inside the frame and hit delete. Keep the selection.
( 5 ) New Layer, Effects 3d effects, cutout with these settings, V & H at 5, Opacity 100, Blur 20. New layer and repeat the cutout with V & H at -5. Layers merge, merge down. Layer arrange, move down. Keep the selection.
( 6 ) New Layer. Selections modify and expand by 2. In your foreground patterns find the appreciatebg with these settings, angle 0, scale 50 and flood fill the selection. Lower the opacity of this layer to 50. Effects, FM Tile Tools, Blend Emboss with default settings. Repeat. Selections, select none.
( 7) Copy the tube @nn_131206_modelsincII_TD and paste as a new layer onto your image. Image resize and resize by 75% all layers unchecked. Place her to the bottom of the frame.
( 8 ) Layers duplicate. Click on the original layer, Effects Distortion effects Wind with these settings, Wind direction: From Left and Wind strength 100. Lower the opacity to 50. Back to the duplicate layer and effects 3d effects drop shadow with these settings V & H -5, Opacity 80, blur 20 and color #000000. Layers merge, merge down.
( 9 ) Click back on the mask layer, should be your top layer.
( 10 ) Copy the tube appreciate-daisy and paste as a new layer onto your image. Place the blend mode on LuminanceL. Duplicate the daisy for as many times as you want to cover the daisies on the mask. (see my image) Resize them at 85 & 75%. The ones down the side and bottom of the mask, nearest to the frame edge, drag them below the mask layer and trim the edges that are over the frame with your eraser. Duplicate them and then merge, merge down.
( 11 ) Click back on the mask layer. With your Freehand selection tool set to point to point and Add (shift) make a selection around what I call the berries lol (see my image) Place your foreground on #ff0000 and with your Color Changer ( You'll find it with the flood fill tool in PSP X2) With these settings, Tolerence 20, Edge Softness 31, click into the selections. If you find the color is not right for you then while they are still selected click the up or down buttons on Tolerence. If you don't have the color changer tool then use colorise with the settings of the color you wish to use.
( 12 ) Now do the same with the swirls and use color #ffff00 (see my image)
( 13) Layers merge, merge visible.
( 14 ) Image, Picture Frame and find the appreciate frame you saved to your frame folder and apply with these settings ticked, Frame canvas, Frame outside of image.
( 15 ) With your magic wand click inside the frame, New Layer, Effects 3d effects Cutout and apply with the same settings as in step 5. Selections, select none. Layers merge, merge visible.
( 16 ) Image resize and resize to Width 700 px's, Aspect ratio and all layers checked.
( 17 ) Place your name on it if you wish and you are finished.
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.
If you would like to see this tag in a stationery then go Here
2 more examples of this tutorial below using different colors and tubes. Reduced in size.

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