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{ Japanese Beauty Tutorial By Marleschka }

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From our translators

This tutorial was made in PSP 8.1 but can be done in any version.
For this tutorial you will need 2 tubes, a pic and a background tile and you can get the ones I used Here Tubes are from Sonja And Brigitte, who are no longer online. You will also need the filter Filters Unlimited2 Bring up the tubes, pic and the pattern in PSP.
( Please note that all layers are turned off on the tubes. )
Take this arrow with you to keep your place in this tutorial.

( 1 ) Open a new 600 x 450 transparent Image. Place your foreground on #809AD3, your background on #7A4836. In your foreground make a gradient of foreground-background, style linear, Invert checked, angle and repeats 0. ( Note the Blue should be at the top of the gradient )
( 2 ) New layer. Flood fill with this gradient.
( 3 ) Go to the tube sonja-tube-temple_bonsai_gardens_japan-2006 and resize it to 600 x 450 Lock aspect ratio unchecked. Copy.
( 4 ) Back to your image and paste as a new layer. Lower the opacity to 90.
( 5 ) Take your selection tool with these settings, rectangle, mode, add-shift, feather 0 and anti-alias unchecked. Make a selection around the large window. Don't go exactly to the edges, take it about 15 pixels out, above and below.
( 6 ) New Layer, Layers arrange move down. Copy the japanese beauty pic and paste it into the selection on your image. Lower the opacity of this layer to 80.
( 7 ) Back to the tube layer and make another selection, same settings, around the two smaller windows, but exactly this time. Hit delete on your keyboard. Keep the selection.
( 8 ) New Layer, Layers arrange move down. Copy the Japanese beauty pic again and paste it into the selection. Lower the opacity of this layer to 80.
( 9 ) Make sure you are on your top layer.
( 10) Go to the tube Mtm_Anime-050-27 July and resize her by 75% twice. Copy.
( 11 ) Paste as a new layer onto your image. Place her on the steps ( See my image )
( 12 ) Effects 3D effects, dropshadow with these settings, V -1, H -5, Opacity 70, Blur 15, Color #000000.
( 13 ) Layer merge, merge all.
( 14 ) Image add borders 2, color #333132.
( 15 ) Image add borders 30 color white.
( 16 ) Select this border with your magic wand, and then find the pattern in your foreground pattern, size 100 and flood fill with your selection with this pattern. Keep the selection.
( 17 ) Effects I.C. Net Software, Filters Unlimited 2 and find the Buttons and Frames, 3D Glass Frame 1, with frame size set to 30. If you don't have this filter then use the round inner bevel.
( 18 ) Image add borders 2, color #333132.
( 19 ) Resize your Image back to 600 x 450 or whatever you want it to be and sharpen.
( 20 ) Now you can add some text and your name if you wish and you are finished.
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

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