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{ Youth Tutorial By Marleschka }

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This tutorial was made in PSP 8.1 but can be done in any version.
For this tutorial you will need 3 tubes and a brush, and you can get the ones I used Here Of course if you wish to use your own then please do. Place the selection in your selections folder. Bring up the brush in PSP and go to file, export custom brush and name it youth and hit OK
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( 1 ) Open a new 600 x 450 transparent Image. Place you foreground on #F178A4, your background on #F9F9F6. In your foreground make a gradient of foreground-background, style linear, angle 0 and repeats 1. If you are using your own tubes then choose a dark and light color.
( 2 ) New layer. Flood fill with this gradient. Adjust Blur Gaussian blur set to 20.
( 3 ) New Layer, Selections. load/save selections, load selection from disc and find the youth selection with these settings, source luminance ticked and replace selection ticked. Flood fill this selection with black.
( 4 ) New layer. Layers arrange move down. With your selection tool set on rectangle make a selection around the inside block on the left. Change your gradient angle to 90 and flood fill this selection. Selections select none. Adjust Blur Gaussian blur set to 20.
( 5 ) New Layer. With your selection tool set on rectangle make a selection around the inside block on the right. Flood fill this selection with color #F178A4. Reduce the opacity of this layer to 20.
( 6) New layer. still staying underneath your frame layer. Take you pen tool with the settings below. Foreground on black and holding down your shift key draw 2 lines at around a 90deg angle at the the top right corner of your frame. (see my image)

( 7 ) Duplicate this layer. Image mirror, Image flip and place it at the bottom right. (once again see my image) If you find that it is a little long then just take your eraser and erase the long bit off.
( 8 ) Copy the tube Yoka-Mistedface-Pink-290606-small and paste as a new layer onto your image. Resize this layer by 90% all layer unchecked. Place her to the left. (see my image) Place the opacity of this layer on 80.
( 9 ) Click on your top layer (the frame) New layer. Copy the youth border and paste as a new layer. Place it at the bottom (See my image)
( 10 ) New Layer. With your foreground on #000000 go to your brush and find the youth brush you saved at the beginning of this tutorial. Size 378 and stamp it in your right frame.
( 11 ) Copy and paste the youth butterfly as a new layer and place it below your text. Adjust Hue and Saturation, colorise with these settings, Hue 239, Saturation 207.
( 12) Duplicate the butterfly layer, image resize at 35% all layers unchecked and place it above the lady (see my image)
( 13 ) Layers merge, merge all.
( 14 ) Image add borders and add a 2 pixel black border.
( 15 ) Add your signature, resize to your original size, sharpen and you are finished.
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.
Another example of this tutorial below using different tubes and colors, reduced in size.

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