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{ How To Make A Topper For Stationery Not a Tutorial .. just some ideas on how to use the "Toppers" }

There are so many ways to create different toppers and this is just one. This is for the advanced PSP user and stationery creator and is really just a guideline and some "ideas" for you on how to create this style of stationery. I've made a bunch of templates and you can download them. Sometimes, I open my template in PSP and delete the white image and then save the image as a "selection" so that it's stored for future use. Sometimes, I just keep them as the "white" templates.
Each template has a background layer that is empty and the layer that has the actual template. When I make these, I usually select a solid color from my main image and flood fill that bottom layer with the color. Then, I'll add another layer of the image... or the image enlarged... or the image tiled ... lower the opacity way down and with my eraser set at a very low opacity, erase the areas on the entire bottom and right sides and kind of "blend them in" so that there is no hard edge .. then sometimes, I'll add another layer with little cutouts from my main image, like in the sample with the dog and then lower the opacity on that layer too .. it all depends on how much time you want to spend on your creations. Then, I flood fill the white area with the image and sometimes add tube ... or ... well ... let your creative juices go with this one and see what you come up with! Here are some samples:

There are also some examples of how to use these creations in an actual stationery. They are saved as eml and you can open them in Outlook Express to see what they look like. Also ... I have created each of these toppers and have to tell you that about 50% of them have never even been used, so I have noooo idea what they will look like ... so you are in "uncharted" territory! :>) On the St. Patrick's stat I got a little fancy there, added a border to the ripple, a little leprechaun peeking out between the ripples and then a little border for him to peek over! Have fun! Hugs Charlie.
EML Samples

A Country Bouquet Here:  A Febuary Snow Here  A Gift Here:   Happy Saint Patricks Day Here
Template Zips Each zip file contains 6 Templates.

Template 1 Set Here:  Template 2 Set Here:  Template 3 Set Here:   Template 4 Set Here: Template 5 Set Here:

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