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{ Valentine Topper Tutorial By Charlie. }

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First, this tutorial assumes that you have a working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro and a large selection of plug-ins. Supplies Here include only the mask, which should be placed in your masks folder and the stationery as an eml for you to see what it looks like finished and in a stationery. You will need to select a tube and matching gradient. You need Filters Unlimited 2.0, Simple Filters, FM Tile Tools & VM Distortion. The tutorial does not provide the filters nor does it provide a link to them. Then, open the pspimage of your choice in PSP and follow the following instructions .
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( 1 ) Open a new image, 600 wide by 400 high and then Flood fill the new image with the gradient that nicely matches your tube. Re-size your tube to a size that you want and then copy PASTE AS A NEW LAYER on the left side of your 600 X 400 image. Then, paste another copy of the tube AS A NEW SELECTION on the same layer as the 1st Tube and choose Image Mirror and then select none. Then lower the opacity of the layer with the your tubes to about 38 Then merge Visible Layers.
( 2 ) Choose Effects Simple Quick Tile Then choose Filters Unlimited 2.0 and select the Paper Texture, Cotton Paper, Fine.
( 3 ) Then choose Effects Texture Blinds Width 10, Opacity 22, Light From Left Top, Color of your choice. (The color should be a matching color, but very dark)
( 4 ) Then choose Effects VM Distortion Kaleidoscope Divisions 195, Rotation 98 Hue 0 or play with the settings until you come up with something you like.
( 5 ) Go to Layers Load/Save Mask and Load Mask From Disk and choose the mask provided Then Go to Layers Merge Group Then go to Image Flip Go to Layers Load/Save Mask and Load mask from disk and load the same mask go to Layers Merge Group.
( 6 ) Add A New Raster Layer and drag it to the bottom and flood fill it with a color of your choice (a matching complimentary color) Keeping the new layer that you just flood filled active, go to Effects Filters Unlimited Paper Texture and apply the same paper texture.
( 7 ) Then go to Effects Simple Quick Tile.
( 8 ) Now, make the top layer active and apply a drop shadow Effects 3D Effects Drop Shadow Vertical 7 Horizontal -9 Opacity 46 Blur 22 Color #000000 (Or a very dark complimentary color)
( 9 ) Now go to Image Add Borders Add a 10 pixel border on the top and 10 pixel border on the bottom ONLY (no side borders) Then with your magic wand, select the top border and the bottom border and Add A New Raster Layer Then flood fill those 2 borders with the same gradient at the exact same settings previously used Now go to Effects FM Tile Tools Seamless Tile Border Width 0.340 Stretch Control 0.340 Vertical NOT checked Apply Selections none. Layers Merge All Visible.
( 10 ) Now select the tube and copy and paste it as a new selection somewhere close to the center of the topper and apply a drop shadow using the same setting as previously used.
( 11 ) Create a new image 100 X 100 and flood fill it with the color #Your Choice ( using the same color as previously used)
( 12 ) Go to Effects Filters Unlimited 2.0 and apply the same Paper Texture as previously used and then go to Effects Simple Quick Tile Save your topper and your background to your stationery folder and use it with any Outlook Express top scroll or top script or with the one provided.
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

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