Behind A Veil

Behind A Veil

Tutorial By Marleschka

This tutorial was made in PSP 8.1 but can be done in any version.For this tutorial you will need 3 tubes and you can get the ones I used Here Of course if you wish to use your own then please do.

( 1 ) Open a new 600 x 450 transparent Image. Place you foreground on #1A1E16, your background on #FEFEFE. In your foreground make a gradient of foreground-background, style linear, angle 0 and repeats 0. If you are using your own tubes then choose a dark foreground and light background color.

( 2 ) New layer. Flood fill with this gradient.

( 3 ) New layer. Selections, select all. Copy the tube of the veil and paste into the selection. Selections, select none.

( 4 ) Copy the tube of the lady and paste as a new layer. Put her to the left of your image. Drag this layer below the veil layer. With your deform tool place her so her eyes are looking through the veil. ( See my image ) Behind A Veil

( 5 ) Go to the tube of the poppies and resize to 450 in height, all layers ticked.

( 6 ) Still with the poppies tube, click on the larger poppy layer and Image mirror. Copy.

( 7 ) Paste as a new layer and place it to the right. Use your deform tool to place it. Lower the opacity of this layer to what you like. Mine is at 95.

( 8 ) Back to your poppy tube and click on the smaller poppy layer. Copy.

( 9 ) Paste as a new layer and with the deform tool place it beside the larger poppy. Again lower the opacity to what you like.

( 10 ) Layers merge, merge visible.

( 11 ) Take a nice font and write something at the top. I use the font Sheer Elegance, size 30 and color #1A1E16. Give it a drop shadow with these settings, V & H 1, Opacity 50 Blur 3 and color #1A1E16.

( 12 ) Layer merge, merge all.

( 13 ) Image add borders 1 color #1A1E16.

( 14 ) Image add borders 5, color red. Select this border and fill with a nice silver metalic gradient. Image 3d effects Inner bevel and use the cushion preset. Selections invert, Effects 3d effects, cutout with these settings, V & H, 0, Opacity 30, Blur 42.57, color black. Selections, select none.

( 15 ) Image add borders 1 color #1A1E16.

( 17 ) Resize to your original size.

( 16 ) Add your name and you are finished.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.