Blend 18

Blend 18

Tutorial By Marleschka

This tutorial was made in PSP 8.1 but I am sure could be done in any version. You will need 3 tubes and a background which are supplied in the zip file. You can get my zipped file Here. You will also need the filter Mura Meister Cloud which you can get Here. Unzip to your plugins folder.
I used the Font New Yorker which you can get Here.

Bring up in PSP The Tubes and the Graphic.

( 1 ) Open a new 600×450 transparent Image.

( 2 ) With your foreground on #290E05 and your background on #D0A156 make a foreground background gradient with these settings, style linear, angle 90 repeats 1, invert not checked and flood fill your image. Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur set at 20.

( 3 ) New Layer, Selections select all, Copy the Graphic Dreams_Of_Fantasy and Paste into selection. Put the blend Mode on LuminanceL and lower the opacity to 80.

( 4 ) Copy the tube flowers-blend18 and paste as a new layer. Place it to the bottom left. Put the blend mode on Overlay and the Opacity to 70.

( 5 ) Copy the tube Yoka-SemiMistedfairy180806-small and paste as a new layer. Place her to the left (see my image) Take your Deform tool and stretch it up a bit. Go to Ajust, Hue And Saturation, Colorize with these settings, Hue 23, Saturation 164. Effects 3D effects dropshadow with these settings, V 0, H 6, Opacity 76, Color #D0A156 and blur 21. Place this layer on Luminance and opacity to 90.

( 6 ) Copy the tube butterfly-blend18 and place it on the ladies neck ( see my image )

( 7 ) Duplicate this layer and resize by 75%, place it where you want it. Duplicate this layer and resize by 75%. Place it. Duplicate this layer and resize by 75%. Place it. Duplicate once again and resize by 75% and place it.

( 8 ) Go to layer 2 (The graphic layer) and with your eraser set to size 90, Hardness 0, and Opacity 50 tap away the graphic from the lady. Layers merge visible.Blend 18

( 9 ) New Layer. With your background on #290E05 Foreground on Nul. Take your Font Tool set to New Yorker, size 30, Create as Vector Type the words Dreams Of Fantasy. Place it toward the top (see my Image) Convert to a Raster Layer.

( 10 ) With your Selection tool set to Rectangle, Mode Replace, Feather 0 make a selection around and out a bit from your text. Keep the selection.

( 11 ) New Layer, Layers arrange move down. Flood fill this selection with #D0A156. Keep the selection.

( 12 ) With your background on #D0A156 and your foreground on #290E05 go to Effects Mura Meister, Cloud and apply at default settings. Selections select none. Set the mode of this layer on Luminance L and reduce the opacity to 70.

( 13 ) Effects 3D Effects, Drop Shadow with these settings, V & H 2, Opacity 100, Blur 10, Color #290E05. Repeat Drop Shadow with V & H at -2. Layers Merge Merge All.

( 14 ) Image Add Borders 2 Color #D0A156. Image add Borders 3 Color #290E05. Image add Borders 2 Color #D0A156. Place you name on it if you like and you are Finished.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.