Blend 24

Blend 24

Tutorial By Marleschka

This tutorial was made in PSP 8.1 but I am sure could be done in any version. You will need 2 tubes, (please note: all tubes layers are closed on these tubes)and a brush all of which are supplied in the zip file. You can get my zipped file Here You will also need the Filter Filters Unlimited 2

Bring up the brush in PSP and go to File, export custom brush, give it a name and hit OK. Bring up the tubes in PSP.

( 1 ) Open a new 600×450 transparent Image. Have your foreground color on #CFD0F5 and your background on #526B10. In your foreground make a foreground, background gradient with these settings, Style Linear, Angle 0 and repeats 0. (please note the lighter color should be at the top of the gradient) If not then just click invert.

( 2 ) New Layer. Flood fill this layer with your gradient.

( 3 ) New Layer. Selections. select all, Copy the tube SS_384 and paste into the selection. Selections, select none. Place the opacity of this layer on 44.

( 4 ) Merge these 2 layers visible. Effects, Illumination effects, Sunburst with these settings, Color #FEFDD2, Light Spot, Brightness 20, Horizontal 11, Vertical 13, Rays, Density and Brightness 20, Circle Brightness 20.

( 5 ) Go to the tube Mtm_Always_two-12-J.V-Small-25 Okt 2006 Copy paste as a new layer onto your Image. Resize this tube by 70%, all layers unchecked. Place it toward the bottom on the path (see my image) Place the opacity of this layer on 80. Effects 3D Effects, Drop Shadow with these settings, V -2, H 2 Opacity 70 and blur 10.

( 6 ) New Layer. Take your selection tool set to Rounded Rectangle. Draw out a rectangle on the left of your Image. I drew mine starting at 39-145 to 219-387. Selection modify, Select, Selection Borders and set it to 1, both sides and anti-alias checked. Have your foreground on the gradient except change the angle to 90 and repeats to 1. Fill your selection with the gradient, selections select none.

( 7 ) With your magic wand set to tolerance 30 click inside this selection, selections modify and expand by 1, New Layer and flood fill with your light color. Lower the opacity to 30. Drag this layer beneath the selection layer.

( 8 ) Back to your selection layer and with your magic wand, tolerance set back to 0, click outside this frame, selections invert. Effects 3D Effects, drop shadow with these settings, V & H set to 2, Opacity 40, Blur 10 and color Black. Repeat with V7H at -2. Selections, select none.

( 9 ) X out your bottom 2 layers and merge visible.Blend 24

( 10 ) New layer. Go to your brush and find the brush you saved at the beginning of this tutorial. Size 200 and your foreground set to the dark color stamp this brush inside the frame 3 times.

( 11 ) Effects 3D Effects, dropshadow with these settings, V & H set to 0, Opacity 50 and blur 0.

( 12 ) Layers merge, merge visible.

( 13 ) Effects I.C.Net Software Filters Unlimited 2 and use these settings, Buttons and Frames, 3D Glass Frame 1 and the Frame size set to 25.

( 14 ) Place your name on it if you want, Save as a JPG and you are finished.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.