Blend 29

Blend 29

Tutorial By Marleschka

This tutorial was made in PSP 8.1 but I am sure could be done in any version. You will need 3 tubes, a background and a pattern which are supplied in the zip file. You can get my zipped file Here. Tubes are from Nancy. Mask is from Zuzzanna. Place the selection file in your selections folder, the pattern in your patterns folder.

Please Note: All Layers Are Turned Off On Tubes. Bring the tubes up in PSP.

( 1 ) Open a new 800 x 500 transparent Image.

( 2 ) With your foreground on #ffd05e and your background on #714c36 make a foreground background gradient with these settings, style linear, angle 128 repeats 1, invert not checked and flood fill your image. Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur set at 30. Image Mirror.

( 3 ) New layer. Place your foreground on pattern and find the pattern_blend29, Angle 0 and Scale 100 and floodfill your layer. Place the blend mode on Luminance L and lower the opacity to 20.

( 4 ) New Layer, Selections Load/Save Selection, Load Selection From Disc and find looking. Apply with these settings, Source Luminance checked and Replace Selection checked.

( 5 ) Flood fill this layer with your gradient. Adjust Blur, Gaussian Blur with the same settings as before. Keep the selection.

( 6 ) New Layer, copy the tube sunset_blend29 and Paste into selection. Layer merge merge down. Keep the selection.

( 7 ) Layers Load/Save Mask from disc, Load mask from disc and find zuzzanna_mask32 and apply with these settings, Source Luminance, Fit to layer checked, Invert Transparency checked and Hide All mask checked. Layers merge, merge group. Keep the selection.

( 8 ) Effects 3D Effects drop shadow, V & H 10, Opacity 50, blur 15 and color black, again with V & H at -10. selections, select none.Blend 29

( 9 ) Take your pen tool with these settings, point to point, create as vector, line solid and width 3. Background color on nul. Foreground on #ffd05e.

( 10 ) Draw a line all the way across the bottom of the curve, layers duplicate, layers convert to raster layer, layers duplicate and image flip.

( 11 ) Go back to your original vector layer. Take your Text Tool set to the font I supplied and size 65, switch your foreground, background colors, foreground on nul, Place your cursor almost in the center and you have the U and write Looking through the eyes of love, or whatever you wish.

( 12 ) Obects, align, horz, Center in Canvas. In your layer pallet, close the eye on New Path of the vector layer and convert to a raster layer and apply the following dropshadow. V & H 2, Opacity 50, blur 15 and color black.

(13 ) Copy the tube man and paste as a new layer onto your image. Place him to the very right.

(14 ) Copy the tube woman and paste as a new layer onto your image. Place her to the very left.

(15 ) Go to your mask layer and with your eraser set to size 90, Hardness 0 and opacity 50 clear away some of the mask from the man and womans faces. Layers merge, merge visible.

(16 ) Selections, select all, selections modify by 3, selections invert and floodfill with #ffd05e.

(17 ) Place your name on your image if you wish, save as a jpg and you are finished.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.