Blend 31

Blend 31

Tutorial By Marleschka

This tutorial was made in PSP X2 but I am sure could be done in any version. You will need 3 tubes, the 20/20 mask & a brush which are supplied in the zip file. You can get my zipped file Here
You will need the filters, Variations and VM Toolbox

Tubes are from Marcia, Christine, & Soleil. I do not have any urls for these tubes… Please Note: All Layers Are Turned Off On Tubes.

Place the mask in your masks folder. Bring up the brush in PSP and go to file, export, custom brush, give it a name and click OK. Bring the tubes up in PSP.

( 1 ) Open a new 700 x 500 transparent Image.

( 2 ) With your foreground on #130c0a and your background on #b0bda5 make a foreground background gradient with these settings, style linear, angle 0 repeats 0, invert not checked and flood fill your image. Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur set at 50.

( 3 ) New layer. Selections, select all. Copy the tube e&eSoleil-01050071797;, layer Trama 1 and paste into the selection. Selections, select none. Move it up a little and to the right so the duck you see there is near the right edge. (see my image)

( 4 ) Layers duplicate, image mirror. Layers merge, merge down.

( 5 ) Copy the tube chrismist_PAY_a8c0 and paste as a new layer onto your image. Take your deformation (pic) tool and stretch it out to the left and the right. Also move it down a little (see my image) Place the blend mode on LuminanceL.

( 6 ) Take your eraser tool set to size 32, Hardness 0 and opacity 50 and wipe away a little of the top of this tube so you can see the water also right click lightly on the palm tree so you can see more of the top and also down the trunk so it becomes darker.Blend 31

( 7 ) Copy the tube mc971[1] and paste as a new layer onto your image. Image resize and resize by 85% all layers unchecked. Effects, Adjust, Variations, click once on original and then once on more red and click OK.

( 8 ) Layers, load save mask, load from disc and apply the 20/20 mask with fit to layer checked. Layers merge, merge group. Layers duplicate, layers merg, merge down. Move this tube to the left about 35 pixels away from the edge and down to the bottom edge. Place the blend mode on Hard Light.

( 9 ) Effects 3D effects, dropshadow with these settings, V & H -9, Opacity 50, Blur 25 and color black, shadow on a new layer checked.

( 10 ) With your eraser, same settings as before and on the new shadow layer wipe away the shadow from the couples face. Also go to the layer underneath the shadow layer and wipe it away from their faces. Do the same to the sunset layer.

( 11 ) Still with your eraser go the the top layer (the couple tube) and right click on and around them to bring up the color more. Also right click on the girls pony tail to show it more at the bottom. Play with it till you get it looking like mine (see my image) Layers merge, merge visible.

( 12 ) Image add borders 5 in your dark color, Image add borders 50 in your light color. Select this light border with your magic wand.

( 13 ) Effects, VM Toolbox, Instant Tile with default settings. Selections select none.

(14 ) Change your gradient to 1 repeat. Select the remaining light border with your magic wand and flood fill with the gradient. Keep the selection.

(15 ) Effects 3D effects, Inner bevel with these settings. bevel 2, width 15, Smoothness 15, Depth 9, Ambience -9, Shininess 6, Angle 315, Intensity 33, Elevation 90. Color #ffffff. Selections, select none.

(16 ) Image resize and resize your image to 700 wide, aspect ratio checked and all layers checked.

(17 ) New Layer. Find the brush I supplied and at size 300, with your foreground on the light color put the brush where you want it. Effects 3D effects, dropshadow with these settings, V & H 1, Opacity 100, Blur 0 and color black. Layers merge, merge visible.

(18 ) Place your name on your image if you wish, save as a jpg and you are finished.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.