Falling In Love

Falling In Love

Tutorial By Marleschka

This tutorial was made in PSP X2 but can be done in any version. For this tutorial all you need is in the zip file which you can get Here, Tube is from Sarita. Mask is from Zuzzana

PLEASE NOTE, ALL LAYERS IN THE TUBE FILES ARE TURNED OFF. Place the masks in your masks folder. Place the preset shape heart7-kris in your Preset Shapes folder. Bring up the brush in PSP and go to File, Export, Custom Brush, give it a name and hit OK.

This is a very quick and simple tutorial.

( 1 ) Open a new 700 x 500 transparent Image.

( 2 ) Place your foreground on #000000 and your background on #fad154 or whatever color you would like to use.

( 3 ) Flood fill your image with #000000

( 4 ) New Layer, flood fill this layer with #fad154.

( 5 ) Layers, Load/Save mask. Load Mask from disc and find the zuz_mask9 and apply with these settings ticked, Source Luminance, Fit to layer, and hide all mask. Layers merge, merge group.

( 6 ) Bring up the tube sfcouple1 and apply the mask 20/20 to it with the same settings. Copy and paste as a new layer onto your image.

( 7) Image resize and resize by 75%, all layers unchecked. Place it to the left and over the edge of the frame of your mask (see my image) Layers arrange, move down.

( 8 ) With your eraser tool, size 16, hardness 100 and opacity 100 wipe away down the side of the tube where it still shows through the mask.Falling In Love

( 9 ) New Layer. Go to your brush tool and find the brush you saved at the beginning of this tutorial and stamp it onto your image with the background color. (see my image)

( 10 ) Copy the tube falling-in-love-tag and paste as a new layer onto your image, place it down the bottom of the frame of the mask (see my image)

( 11 ) Go to your preset shapes tool and find heart7-kris. Settings, Antialias and Create as Vector checked, Line Style Solid and Width 1. With your foreground on #fad154 draw out a nice heart at the top of the mask (see my image) Convert to a raster layer.

( 12 ) Take a nice font and with your text tool write your name inside the tag. Layers merge, merge all.

( 13 ) Save as a JPG and you are finished.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

Another 2 examples of this tutorial below using different colors and tubes. Reduced in size.