How to Fix a PSP Screen with Lines

How to Fix a PSP Screen with Lines

Are you thinking that how to fix a PSP screen with lines? Keep reading this post to get the solution.

Display matters a lot in your gaming experience, and there is nothing more disturbing than sighting a few lines running up the corners of your PlayStation Portable (PSP) screen when you power it on.

This is common in many second-hand PSP devices and even in brand newly-purchased ones after being used for some time. These lines are usually vertical and faint and they start showing right off the margin.

For many gamers, this is hardly a problem for as long these stripes remain at the edges of the PSP screen without necessarily affecting screen time and display. However, the worst thing about these stripes is that they never stay in the corners. If you are very observant, you will notice that PSP screen line problems start with a single line; known as the Line of Death. It may go unnoticed if your games have lines on the display or if the color blends with your game themes.

Over time, the line multiplies, and changes colors, typically to green, grey, or red from black, and spreads across your screen. The next stage in this progression is that some distortion in graphics develops. In no time, your screen is a mess of glitches and you cannot enjoy a good view of your favorite game.

This cannot feel good for anyone.

This degenerative process is better reversed if you fix the lines on your screen as soon as they appear, but if for some reason you couldn’t, then you can still get this problem fixed and have your PSP device as good as new. Before you find out how to fix this problem, it will help to know what caused it. This will prevent future reoccurrences that may well incur heavier costs.

Dropping your device:

Accidents happen from time to time, which results in dropping your PSP device, but frequently dropping your device can harm the screen, ranging from having lines on it to a complete blackout. If you are not very good with gadget handling, you should invest in a protective case for your PSP device and store it properly. When your PSP device drops, it may cause damage to the LCD by displacing the ribbon cable, which is a direct cause of screen lines.

Liquid spill:

This, like accidental dropping, can be avoided. Keep your device away from liquids, wet or greasy, and handle it with dry, clean hands only. In case of a liquid spill, do not turn on the device to check if it’s working. That’s a counterproductive move that will ruin the circuits and motherboard. Instead, keep it off and clean off the water with a small, clean cloth. Take out the UMD, battery pack, and memory cards and clean out the slots. Ensure that all the moisture is cleaned out before attempting to power it on.

That established you can find out how to fix PSP screen lines here:

Check Your Ribbon Cable:

Also known as the R cable, the ribbon cable connects your action buttons to your display and when unseated may cause screen lines on your PSP console. Lines caused by this aren’t usually too many or graphic distorting, but this doesn’t make them any less annoying. Taking apart your PSP requires a small screwdriver and a good memory of where you removed what.

  • Unscrew the back cover of your PSP using the screwdriver and keep the screws in a safe place to avoid losing them.
  • Gently take out the faceplate and put it someplace dry and safe. You are going for the button assembly next and this takes extra caution. If you have a flat-tipped screwdriver, it’ll come in handy for this.
  • Carefully detach the button bar from the screen and avoid having your fingerprints all over the screen; they are quite tough to clean off.

There, you will find your ribbon cable connectors. Ensure that any unseated cable is reconnected and then, reassemble your device.

Replace your LCD screen:

If you have shaky fingers or are not that confident about your gadget repair skills, then avoid the risk of further damaging your device by just replacing the faulty screen to get rid of the line. It is highly recommended that you purchase a new screen instead and have it installed at the repair shop.