How to Fix PSP Start Button

How to Fix PSP Start Button

Are you thinking that how to fix PSP start button? Keep reading this post to find out more.

A faulty PSP start button cannot feel good to use for anyone and the thought of being kept away from your favorite games and other media makes it all the more annoying. There are two ways to fix the PSP start button, and they are sending your broken PSP to the manufacturers or a repair shop for fixing and incurring high repair costs or fixing it yourself at almost zero cost.

You can waive the repair fees if you still have your warranty. If you don’t, then you want to save up as much money as you can. The good news is that you can fix your start button by following all the steps highlighted in this article.

Before the crux, it is important to highlight the variant natures and possible causes of the start button problems. PSP start button problems are often about button stiffness, dislocation, or outright dysfunction.

  • Button stiffness is when your start button is not moving at all, no matter how much you push it. This informs of the need to “loosen” it up and get it working again.
  • Button dislocation is when your start button is unseated and doesn’t stay in place. You know that this is the case when your start button is loose and seemingly disconnected from the motherboard. In extreme cases, dislocated start buttons may fall out completely.
  • Outright dysfunction is when your start button is neither stiff nor dislocated, but just won’t work. This has to be the most frustrating of the challenges you might encounter with your start button because it is trickier to find out what the problem is.

Dropping Your PSP and Start Button’s Functionality

Common causes of a broken PSP start button are dislocation caused by high activity around that button or accidentally dropping your PSP. This is a common occurrence, highly avoidable if you properly store your PSP device after use. You may also purchase protective cases for your PSP device to reduce the impact if accidentally dropped. A hard drop can damage your screen and buttons, including the start button, causing dislocation or malfunctions.

Dirt Accumulation and Start Button Functionality

You will also find that dirt accumulation around the start button can cause malfunctions. Your PSP is a handheld device and in some instances, you forget to clean it. If you have not cleaned your PSP in a long time or ever, then you needn’t look too far to diagnose the cause of your start button malfunctions—or that of any button on your PSP. Device care and other maintenance routines are vital to the longevity of your devices, and cleaning a PSP is as simple as it gets!

Simply take a microfiber cloth and clean it after use, and for more dedicated cleaning of your buttons, use a wooden toothpick to pick out dirt particles from around the crevices of your button. Be careful to not poke too hard as you clean to prevent damage.

Fixing an already damaged start button?

All you need to pull off a solid PSP home button fix is:

  • a small head screwdriver
  • a small cloth or a paper clip or cotton rounds.
  • a replacement start button pack (if required).

With these items checked off the list, you want to power off your PSP device because you shouldn’t take out the back or unscrew any part of it while it’s still on.

  1. Position your device: Gently turn over your PSP device, face down on a clean, smooth surface, preferably solid such as a table.
  2. Unscrew the back cover: A small head screwdriver is best used for this because the screw holes aren’t wide. Keep the screws in a safe place and do not lose any.
  3. Clean around the star button: Do this using the small cloth or paper clip or cotton rounds, and as gently as possible. If it has soaked up any form of moisture, then a small cloth, preferably microfiber will clean it best.
  4. If you wish to take out the old start button: Do this gently by unhinging it from inside. Don’t pull hard at it or you risk damaging your device. Replace it with the new start button pack and reassemble.

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