How To Fix Scratches On PSP Screen

How to Fix Scratches on PSP screen.

Thinking that how to fix scratches on PSP Screen? Keep reading to know about five ‘home fixes’ to remove scratches from PSP screen.

Dealing with scratches on your favorite devices, whatever they may be, can be a real bother and the PlayStation Portable (PSP) is no exception. Being a handheld device, it’s very prone to surface scratches, and when multiple of these scratches are present on the screen, it makes for an overall sub-par gaming experience.

How then do you deal with said scratches? Depending on the depth, number, or severity of the scratches on the screen, of your PlayStation Portable device, the difficulty of the process will vary. For a wide range of this problem, here are five ‘home fixes’ you can try to pull off the ultimate PSP screen scratch repair.

1. Petroleum Jelly

To start, clean the screen thoroughly with clean water and a cloth to do away with any dust or dirt on the surface and allow it to dry off. Next, using about one teaspoon of petroleum jelly, carefully fill out all the visible scratches on the screen. Once all the scratches are filled, with a clean microfiber cloth, gently wipe off the extra jelly. If done correctly, you should notice the scratches to be significantly lighter.

2. Isopropyl Alcohol

The first thing to do is to prepare a solution, ideally of one-part isopropyl alcohol with twenty-part water. This is the solution to be used for the procedure. The next thing to do is to clean any dust or dirt off the screen with clean water and a cloth and allow it to dry. Next, dip another cloth (microfiber) in the earlier prepared cleaning solution and focus on the scratch, carefully cleaning the area. Continue this cleaning process until the scratch is almost invisible. Finally, dip a cotton swab in water and clean the remnant alcohol off the screen.

Note: Should the solution start smudging, then stop immediately! It means that the alcohol concentration is too high. The alcoholic concentration should not exceed 35%

3. Baking soda toothpaste

As usual, to start, clean the screen thoroughly with clean water and a cloth to do away with any dust or dirt on the surface and allow it to dry off.

Squeeze a minimal amount of ‘white’ baking soda toothpaste onto a cotton swab and spread the toothpaste lightly and evenly across the surface of the screen until the entire screen is covered. Leave the toothpaste to sit for about a minute.

Using a microfiber cloth, rub the toothpaste over the screen in a circular motion. Continue to rub until nearly all the toothpaste had been wiped off. Wipe away the remaining toothpaste with a clean microfiber cloth.

4. Pencil Eraser

To begin with, clean the screen thoroughly with clean water and a cloth to do away with any dust or dirt on the surface and allow it to dry off. Next, take a clean pencil eraser, preferably a new one, and run lightly over the scratch or scratches on the screen. Rub it in line with the direction of the scratch. Continue rubbing until the visibility of the scratch has reduced satisfactorily.

5. Metal Polish

Start by cleaning the screen thoroughly with a cloth and clean water and allow it to dry off properly. Then put one or two drops of metal Polish on another cloth.

You can use any name brand of your choice. Rub the scratched area of your PSP screen carefully in a clockwise, then counterclockwise direction until the scratches are no longer visible. Use another cloth to wipe away any residual polish

If after trying all these options, you’re still not satisfied, the ultimate alternative would be to change the outer screen cover altogether. This would comprise the entire top side of the device. Replacement kits can easily be purchased. It is best to go for this option when the damage to the screen is deemed to be too serious, or you just want the device looking as clean as possible, possibly to maximize resale value.

Having grotesque scratches all over your PSP screen is no way to enjoy your device. Whether single or multiple scratches, they are unsightly. To every problem, however, exists a solution, and thankfully in this situation, there’s a wealth of options available to remedy whatever screen scratch issues you may have.

If you have more questions on how to fix scratches on PSP screen, please let us know in the comment section. Playing video games was fun at the past, now you can earn while playing axie infinity games.