How to Record PSP Gameplay

    Every one of the PSP players has definitely experienced this dilemma, wondering how to record PSP screen on PC.

    Every one of the PSP players has definitely experienced this dilemma, wondering how to record PSP screen on PC.

    Maybe you want to post it on social media or show it to your friends. Well, fret not. Here’s a guide on how to record PSP footage on your PC with no hassle.


    • A Windows PC
    • Remote JoyLite plug-in
    • Remote Joyite Windows Program
    • PSP

    The Remote Joylite Method

    Streaming Joy-Lite is a PSP plugin that allows users to broadcast the screen of their PSP to their PC. It’s a Windows-only application that can be used to record games or play slower on the big screen. Similar to connecting a PSP to a TV through an output cord, the output is still the PSP’s resolution. Joylite works as a capture PSP to easily record your gameplay.

    You can download both the plug-in and the program from here

    Adding the Plugin

    1. Put RemoteJoyLite.prx in the seplugins folder of the PSP in a remotejoy folder.
    It will add the plugin to the appropriate text file based on the content you want to stream (GAME, VSH, POPS).

    – GAMES: Homebrew and PSP games (emulators).
    – PSX games (POPS):
    – XMB screen on VSH

    2. You can either edit a single text file or all three.

    – Write this line of code: ms0:/seplugins/remotejoy/RemoteJoyLite.prx 0
    – PSP GO users will have to type: ef0:/seplugins/remotejoy/RemoteJoyLite.prx 0

    Save your modifications and go to the recovery menu to enable the plugins. Your computer will install the drivers needed for the PSP.

    Installing the Drivers

    1 – Open the Zadig app and select the PSP from the dropdown menu. It’s possible that it’s already labeled as ‘PSP Type-B.’
    2 – A box with the words ‘WinUSB’ appears next to a green arrow. Change ‘libusb-win32’ to ‘libusb-win32’ using the arrows.
    3 – To install the driver, press this button. It will probably take up to 5 minutes to completely install. After the driver has been installed, check your device manager and the device will be listed as ‘libusb-win32’ and PSP Type B will be listed under that.

    Running the Remote JoyLite Program

    It’s easy to start streaming to your computer once you’ve installed the plugin and the drivers:

    1 – On your PSP, enable the RemoteJoyLite plugins and put VSH in recovery mode.
    2 – Connect your PSP to your computer via a USB cord.
    3 – When you run RemoteJoyLite en.exe, your PSP should start streaming to your PC right away.

    Now you’ll be able to see your PSP screen on your PC, and you can download any screen recording software to record your gameplay. If you follow this PSP game capture method, you’ll be able to record your gameplay easily.

    * It’s important to note that RemoteJoyLite forces your PSP to stream video by using the USB port; this prevents the user from using USB mode to transfer files. If you want to use the USB port to transmit data, you must disable the plugin.