How to watch YouTube on PSP

How to watch YouTube on PSP

Do you have question in mind that how to watch YouTube on PSP? Continue reading this post.

Everybody loves YouTube. One of the reasons for its widespread popularity is the fact that it’s compatible with nearly all electronic platforms. Be it desktop, mobile, tablet, laptop or even smart televisions, YouTube is available almost everywhere, except on your PlayStation Portable gaming device.

The major limitation here is the incompatibility of the default browser with video formats “FLV”. You can open the website on the device but watching videos presents a problem.

This, however, isn’t a major problem. The solution lies in the fact that YouTube keeps a copy of each video uploaded to the platform in MP4 format. The only challenge for the end-user is to access this copy and there are two major ways to do that.

Option One – Using a Video Download Site (KeepVid)

  1. Power on your PlayStation Portable device and connect it to the internet
  2. Navigate to and open the web browser on your PSP
  3. In the address bar, enter This will load up the YouTube mobile webpage.
  4. Once the site opens up, locate the search bar and search for the video you want to download
  5. When the results come out, move the cursor to the video you want to download and press the triangle button to open a sub-menu
  6. On the menu, select “Address”
  7. Press the start button twice to reload the page.
  8. In the address bar, go to KeepVid dot com (This is a YouTube video downloading platform. Other such platforms exist, but KeepVid is known for its functionality with PSP Systems)
  9. Select the URL field with your cursor then press the select button three times to show the “history” button.
  10. Click the history button with your cursor
  11. In the history list, the URL of your video should be at the top. Click on the URL with your cursor to place it in the URL field on the KeepVid website
  12. Click the Download button. This will generate a list of links to download your video.
  13. Click on a download link of your choice to automatically download the file to the “VIDEO” folder on your PSP (The “MP4” files are those most likely to function on your PSP)
  14. Close the browser and navigate to the video menu. Then scroll down till you get to the “Memory Stick” option
  15. All the videos on your memory stick will be displayed. Locate the file you downloaded and play(Should the playback fail, return to the KeepVid page and select another download link)

Option Two – Using PSP2B

PSP2B is a web platform designed for PlayStation Portable devices specifically for downloading otherwise inaccessible YouTube Videos. The videos available on the website have been converted by the PSP2b service to a PSP-friendly format, so newer videos may not be available on the platform since the PSP had been discontinued for a while now.

  1. Power on your PlayStation Portable device and connect it to the internet
  2. Open the web browser and type the website URL into your search bar
  3. Once the page loads up, click the link that says “Click here to start searching”. This should in turn load up the search page
  4. On the search page, enter your search terms into the field then click the “Search” button to search for your videos
  5. Click the image representing your target video (At this point, you’ll have to follow some on-screen instructions that may vary from time to time since all the videos aren’t all hosted on the same server) This will generate multiple download links
  6. Select a download link of your choice and download the Video.
  7. Once downloaded, your video will be saved to the videos folder on your memory stick

PS: In the unlikely event that the aforementioned methods fail, one last solution is to download the YouTube Videos of your choice on your computer and then transfer the video clips to your PSP Via USB cable.

There are other methods of watching and/or downloading YouTube videos on your PlayStation Portable device, but the methods presented above are recommended for their simplicity. Most other options involve the configuration of some third-party application software that might not function properly even when installed properly and could lead to a lot more problems when not.

If you have further questions on how to watch YouTube on PSP then please let us know in the comments.