Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Tutorial By Marleschka

This tutorial was made in PSP X2 & Animation Shop but can be done in any version. For this tutorial you will need 2 tubes, a mask, a snow gif and a pic and you can get the ones I used Here
The tubes of Santa and the Christmas parcels I got them at Leilanas, who is no longer online, they are both included in the zipped file. The mask is from Git who is no longer online, place it in your masks folder. Of course if you wish to use your own tubes then please do.

( 1 ) Open a new 700 x 500 transparent Image.

( 2 ) Have your foreground color on #ffffff and your background color on #99b2db. Flood fill your canvas with #ffffff

( 3 ) New layer and flood fill with your background color.

( 4 ) Layers, Load, Save Mask, Load Mask From Disc and find the mask I supplied and apply with these settings. Source Luminance, Fit to Canvas & Hide All Mask checked. Layers merge, merge group.

( 5 ) Take your freehand selection tool set to point to point and make a selection all the way around the wide blue line of the mask, when you come to the star just go around the outer blue lines of the points of the star inside the mask.

( 6 ) Selections modify and expand by 2 pixels. New layer. Layers, arrange, move down. Copy the pic and paste into selection. Keep the selection.

( 7 ) New layer. Effects 3d effects cutout and apply with these settings. V & H 0, Opacity 100, Blur 35 & color black. Selections, select none.

( 8 ) Click back on your mask layer. Please note: If you want the small inner stars to show more, then with your freehand selction tool make a selection all the way around those stars and the strings if you want. No need to be absolutely accurate with the selection, just don’t go over the wide blue line. Selections float, selections defloat. New layer and with your floodfill tool fill the selection with whatever color you want or a nice pattern. Selections select none. Layers merge, merge down.Merry Christmas

( 9 ) Copy and paste the presents tube as a new layer. If you are using Leilana’s tube, resize by 15%, all layers unchecked and again by 25%. Place it on the doorstep. Effects 3d effects dropshadow with these settings. V-1, H 1, Opacity 50, Blur 1 & color black.

( 10 ) Copy and paste the Santa tube as a new layer. If you are using Leilana’s tube, resize by 45% and again by 75%, all layers unchecked. Place him where you want. Effects 3d effects dropshadow with these settings. V & H -3, Opacity 50, Blur 10 & color black.

( 11 ) With a nice font and your foreground color turned off write Merry Christmas or whatever you like and place it inside the star. Give it a nice dropshadow.

( 12 ) New Layer & flood fill with #ffffff, selections select all, selections modify by 4 and hit delete on your keyboard. Selections, selct none.

( 13 ) Go to your layer pallet and hide all layers except for the house and the white background. Make sure you are on the white background, layers merge, merge visible. Hide this merged layer and open all the remaining layers and merge them visible.

( 14 ) Click back on the first merged layer, the one with the house and edit copy.

( 15 ) Open Animation Shop, edit paste as a new animation. Duplicate it by 10 frames. Edit, select all.

( 16 ) Open the merry-xmas-snow gif I supplied in Animation Shop, select all, edit copy and go back to your grapic. Edit paste into selected frame.

( 17 ) Back to PSP and click on your second merged layer, edit copy.

( 18 ) Back to Animation Shop. Click on the propagate paste button at the top, edit paste into selected frame. View your animation, if all is OK then go to file optimization wizard. Click next and then under Better Image Quality slide the slider down 1 then continue. This file is rather large but sliding the slider down one doesn’t do it any damage and makes the file smaller.

( 19 ) Save as a gif file and you are finished.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

Another example of this tutorial below using different tubes. Reduced in size.