PSP Pals Tubes Disclaimer & Terms Of Use

On the tube pages previews are between 30% & 50% of original size. They are compatible with all versions of PSP. There are no drop shadows on tubes. Should you have any problems with the tubes Please Mail Us Here: [email protected]

At PSP-Pals, we call these “tubes”, but actually, they are not. They are images that we have actually created, and placed on a transparent layer. At most tube sites, the tubes are created from images scanned or collected and then cut out. The images that you can obtain here are images that we actually created, drawn and painted, not cut out. Some are scans of actual watercolor and/or oil paintings done by us, some are totally original, from our own imagination, some are from black and white “purchased” line art, that we drew and painted – some are created from tutorials. But, they were all created by us, not cut out by us. Someone questioned us about why we have our names all over some of our tubes … that is the reason, we created them .. we didn’t tube them. You CANNOT put your own copyright over any of our images.

We know that some groups require that you utilize the copyright or name of the original artist. If you belong to such a group, then you yourself can and should simply add ©PSP-Pals to your finished work. In a lot of instances, the copyright symbol and name have not been added to images we have created because we feel it could detract from the image itself. If a site or group desires to utilize any of our work in a tutorial, stationery or any other way, the only thing we ask is that you provide a functioning link back to PSP-Pals, something as simple as © PSP Pals Please understand that while you are encouraged to use our work and are free to do so, that you yourself did not create the actual image and therefore, the copyright belongs to and is retained by PSP Pals.
If you do one of our tutorials which includes tubes from PSP Pals you may add your copyright to your image but it must also include PSP Pals Copyright. Maybe like this © Tubes by PSP Pals.
If you use our tubes to make a signature tag it must also include our Copyright.

So what you are getting when you download our images, are “original” items … actually created by us, and you don’t have to pay a penny for them. We would love to keep our site a “free site”, please help us do this by abiding by our terms. The only thing we ask in return are the following:

Please do not use any of our work on or for any web site where there is any monetary exchange at all. In other words, if you are a Scrap Book site and you sell anything, you are prohibited from using our work on your site at all. We recognize no monetary gain for our work and we simply ask that it not appear or be used anywhere if there is monetary gain. Under no circumstances can any of the work we do be used on any strictly adult sites, in any forum where there is any nudity at all and in or on any other work that a person would not be willing to send their 5 year old child or grandchild. In other words, no where where this is any nudity, at all.

We ask that you not add our work to collections for distribution in any way and we ask that you not add your name to the image and claim it as your own. It would be so nice, if instead of you sending our images to people, that you send them here to our site and let them select what they want. We feel for what you are getting, it’s not a lot for us to ask in return. We’re only asking for a little recognition and respect. We do not want to do this but if our terms keep on being abused we will have no choice but to go to P.T.U.

NOTICE: NONE OF THE WORK WITHIN THIS WEB SITE CAN BE REPOSTED TO OR ON PINTEREST OR ANY SITE WHERE IT IS FEATURED IN A COLLECTION OF WORK. You can use the work to create tags, stationery, crafts, etc. by resizing them in your favorite graphics program but you cannot recognize monetary gain of any kind from work on this site and you cannot post these image to sites like Pinterest. Thank you!

Please note: Your IP Address will be recorded in every tube page you visit: