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How to Activate PSP


Do you happen to own a newly purchased PlayStation Portable and you’re wondering that how to activate PSP?

Then you’re in the right place.

How to Fix PSP Start Button


Are you thinking that how to fix PSP start button? Keep reading this post to find out more.

A faulty PSP start button cannot feel good to use for anyone and the thought of being kept away from your favorite games and other media makes it all the more annoying. There are two ways to fix the PSP start button, and they are sending your broken PSP to the manufacturers or a repair shop for fixing and incurring high repair costs or fixing it yourself at almost zero cost.

How to Fix a PSP Screen with Lines


Are you thinking that how to fix a PSP screen with lines? Keep reading this post to get the solution.

Display matters a lot in your gaming experience, and there is nothing more disturbing than sighting a few lines running up the corners of your PlayStation Portable (PSP) screen when you power it on.

How To Fix Scratches On PSP Screen


Thinking that how to fix scratches on PSP Screen? Keep reading to know about five ‘home fixes’ to remove scratches from PSP screen.

Dealing with scratches on your favorite devices, whatever they may be, can be a real bother and the PlayStation Portable (PSP) is no exception. Being a handheld device, it’s very prone to surface scratches, and when multiple of these scratches are present on the screen, it makes for an overall sub-par gaming experience.

How to watch YouTube on PSP


Do you have question in mind that how to watch YouTube on PSP? Continue reading this post.

Everybody loves YouTube. One of the reasons for its widespread popularity is the fact that it’s compatible with nearly all electronic platforms. Be it desktop, mobile, tablet, laptop or even smart televisions, YouTube is available almost everywhere, except on your PlayStation Portable gaming device.

How to Deactivate PSP


The PlayStation Portable was released in 2004 in Japan, and it remains a great companion for playing video games on the console. While many other advanced and more feature-rich consoles have made it to the market since PSP, it is still an esteemed console for PlayStation users.

How to Turn on PSP


If you’ve just bought your PSP, you must be wondering how to use it. The first thing before playing on it is to turn it on. Here’s a brief step-by-step guide on how to switch on PSP successfully without facing any technical problems.

How to Charge PSP


A PSP is a portable handheld console that can be carried around and that also means it is wireless and needs to be charged. You must be asking yourself, How to charge my PSP? And come up with only confusion because of the different ways you could.

How to Record PSP Gameplay


Every one of the PSP players has definitely experienced this dilemma, wondering how to record PSP screen on PC.

Maybe you want to post it on social media or show it to your friends. Well, fret not. Here’s a guide on how to record PSP footage on your PC with no hassle.

How to Fix PSP Buttons Without Taking it Apart


If you’re an avid PSP gamer then you must have experienced some trouble with PSP buttons at least once. Continuously gaming on it sometimes makes its buttons faulty, especially the PSP shoulder buttons.

It is a common problem that can usually be solved without sending it to the repair shop, so no worries! This process will take you hardly an hour, and you will get rid of your annoying problem and will be able to play properly on it again.

Here is how to fix PSP buttons without taking the whole game console apart.

Clean the Crevices of the Buttons

If you haven’t properly cleaned your PSP in a while, this could be your major reason why your buttons feel stiff and you can’t swiftly press them while playing. Here’s how you can safely clean the buttons.

1 – Take a wooden toothpick.
2 – See if there is any dirt lodged around the buttons, remove the dirt with the toothpick.
3 – Make sure to properly remove the dirt, with a gentle motion so the buttons don’t get damaged.

This should fix your problem and your buttons should work fine now.

Replace the Buttons

Here’s how you can easily replace the buttons of the PSP.

1 – Make sure you have turned off the PSP.
2 – Remove the cover carefully.
3 – Grab the button that needs replacing, lift it up until it pops out of its position.
4 – Replace it with a new button.
5 – Put the cover back and test out your new button.

This should fix any faulty buttons, if your problem still remains then we recommend getting it to a repair shop. Hope this article helped you out with your problem!